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GenEd tutorials on Youtube

Postby Ninja_Prime52 » 30 Jun 2013 08:22

Hello everyone, in particular for all those who want to start making maps for Ground Control.
I have started to upload the tutorials I've been promising for so long. Currently there are 4 videos soon to be 5.
Please click on the links to view them. Please is you can subscribe and comment. I am more than happy to do requests for GenEd, but the videos should be pretty comprehensive and easy enough to understand. if not let me know and I will alter them if needed. My YouTube site is
And the tutorial videos are as follows:

This is for the files I use and what you will need:

This is about the interface:

This is the first part for creating a MP map:

This is the second part for creating an MP map

I will be uploading several more tutorials to cover other aspects of GenEd and will be going into more depth about how I create my maps and what to look for and also how to use the scripting interface for GenEd. I will also do another tutorial on creating a single player map.
Anyway for now enjoy and I hope to see new maps appearing soon from you guy's and gal's :)

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